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Iunie 14, 2010

ArchiCAD 14 in Presa Internationala

ArchiCAD 14 continua sa primeasca feed-backuri foarte pozitive in presa internationala de specialitate.
Cititi cateva dintre articolele aparute despre ArchiCAD 14:

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 14 Review by Martyn Day in AEC Magazine, UK

"In short, ArchiCAD is becoming a useful tool for firms that want to move to BIM but have data translation problems. Unfortunately, in this industry that is pretty much everyone, so for those companies that have chosen to use IFCs in their data exchange it is worthy knowing that nobody does IFC support as well as Graphisoft."

Architosh Review: In-Depth with ArchiCAD 14 – Graphisoft talks to Architosh, by Anthony Frausto-Robledo

"Graphisoft’s pace of innovation is quite remarkable. In just two releases within two years the company has leaped ahead of the industry in the areas of internal teamwork and collaboration–that is the architect’s task of building out her team both within and without the office. (...) The complete IFC model work flows are a great move forward in true BIM collaboration. They have laid an excellent foundation for the future of the program."

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